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Mariano Bunge Guerrico is a Bachelor in Business Management and a Certified Accountant who graduated in Argentina.

He currently holds the following positions:

• Director of Fénix Bursátil Sociedad de Bolsa S.A. (Argentinian Stock Exchange Company).

Head Office: San Martín 140, 11th floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (From 2007 to the present).

• President of Lead Capital Partners S.A. (Financial Advice to individuals and corporations).

Head Office: San Martín 344, 11th floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (From 2006 to the present).

• Director of Real Estate Developers S.A. (RED). (Consultancy and Management of Property Developments). Head Office: Cerviño 4449, 7th floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (From 1992 to the present).

In the past he has occupied the following positions:

• Director of Acuarius Capital Partners S.A. (Investment Banking Business).

Head Office: Avenida Presidente Roque Saenz Peña 628, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2002/2005).

• Shareholder and Director of Merchant Bankers Asociados S.A. (MBA) (Argentinian Investment Bank and Stock Exchange in Argentina and Uruguay). Head Office: Alicia Moreau de Justo 140, Buenos Aires, Argentina (1986/1997).

Mariano Bunge


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